Malcolm is now saving $175 a month on electricity

Malcolm had specific requirement to produce as much energy as possible utilising his rear workshop. This exceeded his currents needs however with plans for a battery and swim spa in the future he wanted to maximise his available roof space. The roof pitch was 35 degrees making it a tricky yet rewarding job for the team.

Winki was tasked with installing as many panels as physically possible. After structural, Powercor and physical space requirements were taken into account a 19.61 kw system was agreed upon.

Winki installed 53 x 370w Trina Honey solar panels and a 3 phase Fronius Symo inverter with a smart meter for monitoring. This was a total of 19.61 kw of solar panels.

The final result is a whopping 30-40kWh per day in the dead of winter! This is ample for Malcolms current needs so he is export the excess to the grid for an instant return on his investment. The following review was posted by Malcolm regarding the installation. He has also engaged Winki to install Solar on his nearby investment property :)

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